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Welcome to Pantheon Pagan Temple, (A.K.A., P.P.T) We are Pagans, Heathens and others of many paths, who have come together for fellowship and community.

The Temple is on Hiatus for now until we have more interest.    

Please go to the groups below.  I only do site maintenance here  occasionally in the hope the we will resume with sufficient interest.

Check out our sister group www.facebook.com/groups/shasta.pagan.interfaith.networking as they are more active. 

Also for a progressive Nondenominational religious group, please checkout Redding Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.   Blessed Be.

Our History

After some much welcome inspiration,we began our Meetup group, Shasta Pagan Interfaith Networking Group, or(S.P.I.N.), as many came to know it. We realized at some point that some members were satisfied with just attending a merely social group, having coffee and some outside ritual once in awhile. And then, some people voiced the opinion that they might want something more structured, affording them the potential to learn and grow personally and spiritually. We talked about really working to serve our fellow pagans in the area, hence the forming of S.P.I.N. However, eventually, we wanted more. Then, the dream I had had for years came into play. It was,perhaps, then that I got a little divine guidance. It felt like it was time to start this new group. That was the middle of April, or so , in 2015. However, it was to be much more than that. We started the brainstorming and putting things together. First came the name.”Pantheon Pagan Temple”. Since “Pantheon” is Latin, we decided to set up the Temple with a Latin theme. (Similar to that of the Roman Pantheon Temple), After which it is named. So, as it turned out, our first meeting was June 6th, 2015. It could have been pushed off, at least a couple of weeks, but we worked at it so that I could have everything ready for June 6th, which, is an auspicious date for me, in that June 6th, 1999 was the date that I gave my heart and my life to the Goddess.

So now,………..together, we look forward to making this temple a wonderful, enjoyable, worthwhile Work of Art and at the same time, becoming a group of pagans that can stand and be of Service to each other and the wider community.

Rev. Ravenn Gullveig

“Pagan Colligens Loco Deorum”

(Gathering Place for all The Pagan Gods)

Pagan temple welcoming congregation.

Pantheon Pagan Temple is a LGBTQ+ Welcoming Pagan/Heathen Congregation


Serving our community areas. Shasta County, California. Tehama, County California. Redding, California. Anderson, California. Shasta Lake, California. Cottonwood, California. Red Bluff, California.


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  1. barewoodsol says:

    I have decided to have moderated comments on our page. Please leave questions and comments here. I will post these that are a benefit to the community at large. Blessings. Ron

  2. where is this temple located?

    • barewoodsol says:

      We were located in a space at the Anderson, California. City Hall after a year of low attendance we decided to take a break. Some of the core members wanted to meet to celebrate “Wheel of the year” gatherings. We are open to gatherings at Starbucks or other venues to socialise or conduct rituals. Blessed be. Ron.

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