Ravenn’s 18th Annual Fall Feast @Wrens Stone Circle Farm in Ono, CA.   Call Ravenn to RSVP


We welcome you to Fall Feast. This year, Fall Feast will be a “sit-down” dinner with turkey, pork roast and hopefully all “the trimmings. ” Please give me your R.S.V.P. no later than Sept. 15th, if possible, so we can organize the dinner. (we need to know how many are going to attend and who will be bringing what) So, come out to Wren’s Place for some good ritual, good food and good friends.    We will be camping overnight Saturday, the 24th with ritual and feast on Sunday the 25th      Festivities start on Saturday at noon and on Sunday at 1 P.M. and we can go until dusk.      Please bring a “folding chair” and/or a “lawn chair”and drinking water and any other libation you choose and , of course, your dish for the feast. There will be hard and soft mead.       See ya’ there.

Fellow pagans & heathens–Due to both busy schedules & lack of interest, we will be taking  a temporary “hiatus” from Pantheon Pagan Temple or putting it on the “back burner” as it were, till further notice. We will be  reverting back  “full time” to  S.P.I.N.(Shasta Pagan Interfaith Networking  Group)

Thanks, Rev. Ravenn