Temple hiatus.

Fellow pagans & heathens–Due to both busy schedules & lack of interest, we will be taking a temporary “hiatus” from Pantheon Pagan Temple or putting it on the “back burner” as it were, till further notice. We will be reverting back “full time” to S.P.I.N.(Shasta Pagan Interfaith Networking Group)

Thanks, Rev. Ravenn

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Ravenns community letter


This message is for all our Pagan/Heathen folk out there in the Redding /Anderson area and all outlying areas, as well.  

  In the past, we have suffered a certain amount of drama and discord in our community and it is my hope to rectify this if, possible .  

   This is my attempt to reach out from a perspective of love and understanding and it is also my hope that we can put all the petty B.S  behind us and come together as one group.  


I am very much aware that we all (or most of us ) have our differences, but we need to overcome  them and learn to work together and be together.  

   There are so many “others” out there that  are against our way of life and beliefs

      The fact is,  Whether  or not you wish to acknowledge it, we are much stronger together than we are divided

    So , that being said, I wholeheartedly invite one and all to join us at Pantheon Pagan Temple for fellowship and healing  and probably some good ritual and food, too  Check us out if you haven’t already at  Shasta Pagan Interfaith Networking Page.


Love and  Blessings


Rev. Ravenn Gullveig


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Statement of Belief

13 Axioms of Pantheon Pagan Temple

1. We, of Pantheon Pagan Temple believe in the inherent worth and validity of all Gods and Goddesses, the pantheons in which they reside in all the cultures of the world. It is certainly up to the individual to decide which God, Goddess or pantheon they might choose, however, it is perfectly acceptable if one decides to choose none at all.

2. Each person’s experience with the mythological character of the Gods and Goddesses is by nature, unique. We accept the fact that everyone does not share the same belief in the divine nature of the Gods and Goddesses or the universe. Some simply enjoy the beauty of nature and the change of the seasons.

3. We understand the diversity which can lie between some pagan paths and that they are all relevant and valid in and of themselves. We do provide support to the practitioners of those paths and join with all of our members in celebration of their particular festivals, rituals and days of power.

4. We believe in the value of learning and teaching and that gaining some manner of personal or spiritual enlightenment is a lifelong endeavor. Each person has the ability to learn and grow, regardless of their skills or experience.

5. Due to the fact that we include several different pagan paths in our temple service, we would ask those who demonstrate willingness, to share with us, their energy (or wisdom) of their particular path.

6. A word on Magick: There are certainly differing opinions and beliefs on what it is and how it should be defined.The generally accepted definition of Magick is “the science and art of causing change to occur within and without in conformity with the will” and, perhaps, with intent and emotion, as well. Some feel that it occurs naturally within the universe, and yet, still others feel that the seed that sprouts from the soil in spring is Magick. We see this all as being truth.

7. Most of us believe in reincarnation in one form or another. Some believe that we are born directly back into another human form, yet some believe in what is known as transmigration, in which we can be born into a lower or higher lifeform, and still, some believe that we are simply reborn back into the hearts and minds of the living.

8. We celebrate rites honoring the changing seasons, known as the eight-spoked wheel of the year. Of course, some pagan paths perceive the wheel of the year as being slightly different in the way in which honor is given and the time of the year they celebrate it, as well.We understand this and gladly adapt to it, for we know there is joy in diversity.

9. We understand that everyone will not put stock in the Wiccan Rede(“an’ ye harm none -do what thou wilt”),however,most people accept variations of it,for example, -” what comes around-goes around”or that what energy you put out-will come back to you and other forms of karma, etc.

10. Most pagan people believe that we should not live our lives in fear, but with mirth and reverence. There is a time to laugh and be light of heart and there is a time to be serious and respectful of certain facets of life.

11. We feel that we should “walk softly “ or “tread lightly” on the Earth and do what we can to heal the wounds we have inflicted upon Her. We should also strive to be ecologically alert, well-informed and enlightened about how we live.

12. We feel that our wholesome food(and other natural things we consume) are, or , can be seen as sacred and as gifts from the Earth.They should be part of our daily practice. We think that the better care we take with this, perhaps, the better we will feel-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

13. We believe in the diversity of all life, in all it’s many forms. We choose not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation or sexual identity, age, religious affiliation, national origin or disability.

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Found a place to rent. (3 Sundays a month.)

Wow (cool) We made out ! Monday June 29th , we went to check on a possible indoor meeting place and guess what? We have a new place to meet at Anderson City Hall. It’s pretty nice and it’s plenty big enough for us. It’s got several tables and lot’s of chairs and a counter and deep sink, as well. The rent’s affordable, so we are good! Needless to say, no B.B.Q.’s at least not there.
Come and here my paranesis on many topics.


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