Ravenns community letter


This message is for all our Pagan/Heathen folk out there in the Redding /Anderson area and all outlying areas, as well.  

  In the past, we have suffered a certain amount of drama and discord in our community and it is my hope to rectify this if, possible .  

   This is my attempt to reach out from a perspective of love and understanding and it is also my hope that we can put all the petty B.S  behind us and come together as one group.  


I am very much aware that we all (or most of us ) have our differences, but we need to overcome  them and learn to work together and be together.  

   There are so many “others” out there that  are against our way of life and beliefs

      The fact is,  Whether  or not you wish to acknowledge it, we are much stronger together than we are divided

    So , that being said, I wholeheartedly invite one and all to join us at Pantheon Pagan Temple for fellowship and healing  and probably some good ritual and food, too  Check us out if you haven’t already at  Shasta Pagan Interfaith Networking Page.


Love and  Blessings


Rev. Ravenn Gullveig


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